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Hi, Welcome to The Virtual Mom Movement. Here's a little bit about us. 

The Virtual Mom Movement; an idea and movement that came about as I myself was looking for a second source of income to provide for my family. One that would not take me away from my son,  and one that would allow me the flexibility to work from home on MY hours. During my journey I knew I was not the only mom in this situation. I knew there were Moms either wanting to bring in a second source of income,  a full income or a SAHM looking to contribute financially all while being home with your precious babies. This movement is to bring help to all you Mama's out there. I aim to give you the resources and tools you need to be successful.  You will find job oppurtunities/ ideas and listing's that are strictly remote, and feasible as a working mom or stay at home mom. As well as motivation, tips, and stories along the way. My Journey has not been an easy one; but its MY story and I'm trying to make the best of it while helping all of you along the way. From one Mama to another; We've got this! Now lets Hustle the SH*T out of our lives and make it the damn best we can for our littles! They Deserve The World!

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